Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why don’t we go for EXTREME!!!!!!!!

Pet, its kind a hobby practiced by all the homosapiens which is to kept an animal mostly a mammals, in their house and treat them as a family. Examples of these animal that being kept as a pet are, cat, dog, fish, monkey, rabbit, squirrel and other cute cuddle mammals. The youngsters are the most eager to perform this hobby. They like to treat their pet as a part of their family, which consists of sharing their bedroom with animal, and also even sleep with their pet. Having a pet, is one of good things to do as long we treat them and feed them well. But there are some human beings that are disgrace to our humanity, where they like to abuse this cute poor little animal. Even in our religion, it is wrong when you treat an animal badly.

Hence, among the category of animal which exist in our world, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and also insect, mammals are the most preferable by all human to make as a pet. This is because, a mammals is an animal that easy to be tamed. Besides that, we as a human also are categorized as a mammals. Maybe because of this, a mammal animal are easy to blend with our daily life.

However, there are some that like to go for extreme pet. Extreme pet mostly are from reptiles, which are, snake, monitor, iguana, bearded dragon, blue tongue skink, and others. Despite reptiles, there are also other animal which may be categorized as an exotic animal, such as centipede, frog, spider, scorpion and salamander.

For me, I would like to go for an Extreme!!!. Therefore, I have a snake, an iguana, a scorpion and bearded dragon as my pet. I bought them since they were small. I named my iguana ‘Iqran’ and my ball python snake, ‘shiny’. I call my bearded dragon, ‘rocky’. The 8 feet python, I gave to my cousin because my mother are scared of it, while the bearded dragon I gave to my friend, since I am continuing my study. Therefore I only have an iguana with me. Reptiles, are the most aggressive animal. They don’t like to be handed and to be kept in a cage. Therefore, a great effort has to take in order to tame this animal. At first, I also had trouble taming my pets, but eventually I manage to convince them, that they are save with me. As an example, ‘Iqran” will scratch the cage if he wants to go out and he will stick out his tongue to tell me that he is hungry.

Despite that, to make him rely on me, I would take a bath with him every day and at night he will sleep with me on the same bed. I love my Iqran so much. Eventhough, now I seldom at home, when I come back from the campus, he still recognized me. To all there who need guide in taming this little cute creature, I am happy to offering the help. As an animal lovers, I gathered many information on keeping an exotic animal as a pet, so that I could provide a safe and comfort environment to my pet. Finally, lets go for EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!   

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