Friday, 26 August 2011

Practice Good Foot Care

It's as simple as that! Your poor feet deserve good foot care!
You deserve really happy feet!
In fact, you deserve good foot and you'll feel happy when walk and doing your job...

Better foot care may prevent many foot problems

Years of wear and tear can be hard on our feet. So can:
  • ü   disease
  • ü  poor circulation
  • ü  improperly trimmed toenails
  • ü  wearing shoes that do not fit properly

Problems with our feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions such as:

Blood Circulation of Feet

·         It also helps to keep blood circulating to your feet as much as possible. You can do this by:

  • ·         putting your feet up when you are sitting or lying down
  • ·         stretching if you've had to sit for a long while walking
  • ·         having a gentle foot massage
  • ·         taking a warm foot bath
  • ·         Other Foot Care Tips
  • ·         Try to avoid pressure from shoes that do not fit right.
  • ·         Try not to expose your feet to cold temperatures.
  • ·         Do not sit for long periods of time (especially with your legs crossed).
  • ·         Do not smoke.
  • ·         Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent many foot ailments.
  • ·         Proper Shoe Fit
  • ·         Here are some tips for getting a proper shoe fit:
  • ·         The size of your feet changes as you grow older so always have your feet measured before buying shoes.
  • ·         The best time to measure your feet is at the end of the day when your feet are largest.
  • ·         Most of us have one foot that is larger than the other, so fit your shoe to your larger foot.
  • ·         Do not select shoes by the size marked inside the shoe but by how the shoe fits your foot.
  • ·         Select a shoe that is shaped like your foot.
  • ·         During the fitting process, make sure there is enough space for your longest toe to reach at the end of each shoe when you are standing up.
  • ·         Make sure the ball of your foot fits comfortably into the widest part of the shoe.
  • ·         Do not buy shoes that feel too tight and expect them to stretch to fit.
  • ·         Your heel should fit comfortably in the shoe with a minimum amount of slipping - the shoes should not ride up and down on your heel when you walk.
  • ·         Walk in the shoes to make sure they fit and feel right. Then take them home and spend some time walking on carpet to make sure the fit is a good one.

Other Shoe Fit Tips

  • ·         The upper part of the shoes should be made of a soft, flexible material to match the shape of your foot.
  • ·         Shoes made of leather can reduce the possibility of skin irritations.
  • ·         Soles should provide solid footing and not be slippery.
  • ·         Thick soles cushion your feet when walking on hard surfaces.
  • ·         Low-heeled shoes are more comfortable, safer, and less damaging than high-heeled shoes.

 Thank you..

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Why don’t we go for EXTREME!!!!!!!!

Pet, its kind a hobby practiced by all the homosapiens which is to kept an animal mostly a mammals, in their house and treat them as a family. Examples of these animal that being kept as a pet are, cat, dog, fish, monkey, rabbit, squirrel and other cute cuddle mammals. The youngsters are the most eager to perform this hobby. They like to treat their pet as a part of their family, which consists of sharing their bedroom with animal, and also even sleep with their pet. Having a pet, is one of good things to do as long we treat them and feed them well. But there are some human beings that are disgrace to our humanity, where they like to abuse this cute poor little animal. Even in our religion, it is wrong when you treat an animal badly.

Hence, among the category of animal which exist in our world, mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and also insect, mammals are the most preferable by all human to make as a pet. This is because, a mammals is an animal that easy to be tamed. Besides that, we as a human also are categorized as a mammals. Maybe because of this, a mammal animal are easy to blend with our daily life.

However, there are some that like to go for extreme pet. Extreme pet mostly are from reptiles, which are, snake, monitor, iguana, bearded dragon, blue tongue skink, and others. Despite reptiles, there are also other animal which may be categorized as an exotic animal, such as centipede, frog, spider, scorpion and salamander.

For me, I would like to go for an Extreme!!!. Therefore, I have a snake, an iguana, a scorpion and bearded dragon as my pet. I bought them since they were small. I named my iguana ‘Iqran’ and my ball python snake, ‘shiny’. I call my bearded dragon, ‘rocky’. The 8 feet python, I gave to my cousin because my mother are scared of it, while the bearded dragon I gave to my friend, since I am continuing my study. Therefore I only have an iguana with me. Reptiles, are the most aggressive animal. They don’t like to be handed and to be kept in a cage. Therefore, a great effort has to take in order to tame this animal. At first, I also had trouble taming my pets, but eventually I manage to convince them, that they are save with me. As an example, ‘Iqran” will scratch the cage if he wants to go out and he will stick out his tongue to tell me that he is hungry.

Despite that, to make him rely on me, I would take a bath with him every day and at night he will sleep with me on the same bed. I love my Iqran so much. Eventhough, now I seldom at home, when I come back from the campus, he still recognized me. To all there who need guide in taming this little cute creature, I am happy to offering the help. As an animal lovers, I gathered many information on keeping an exotic animal as a pet, so that I could provide a safe and comfort environment to my pet. Finally, lets go for EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!   

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Positive Thing that I'm Going to do during the Mid-Semester Break is......

Mid Semester Break!!!!!! 

                At last you had arrived. For those who doesn’t know about this term, let me elaborate on this. Mid semester break is a holiday on the middle of the semester. Ussually student are given a maximum two weeks break, but this differs according to campus. 

              For all MICETIAN, we are given semester break for one week. Besides that, the administrator of our campus had choose the date where student able to celebrate Hari Raya thus have a mid semester break. What a wonderful holiday!!!

              But...seems like, not everybody have the chance to feel the holiday and celebrate Hari Raya with their love one. This is because, they have a “tones” of homework given by lecturer and need to be done during the holiday. 

               Despite that, a bundle of test awaiting them after the mid semester break. In order to pass all the test pepper with flying color, all these pity student has to sacrifice their joy of having holiday in this given break.OK…so,regarding the topic that been has given, which is, ‘A positive thing that im going to do during the mid-semester break’, I would like to state all the possible positive thing that im going to do on this semester break :

  1. I would like to meet all my relative and ask their forgiveness which is the main tradition during Hari Raya.
  2. I would like to spent more time with my beloved parents.
  3. I would have one day of having my homework done, so that I could enjoy my holiday. Despite that I also had to choose one day for study purpose.
  4. Helping my relatives which consists of my aunt, uncle and grandparents on decorating the house. This is also a tradition that Malaysian people had practice on celebrating the “EID MUBARRAK”.
  5. Announcement of the date of hari raya has been made, which is on the 30th of August. This mean, the day after Hari Raya is our national day.
  6. As a citizen of this beautiful country, I would like to do something that considered as a contribution to my beloved country
  7. I would help the citizen of my village decorating our village with our proud flag. Besides that, I would join them on the patriotic assembly and also participate the patriotic choir.
  8. I also gonna build the spirit of patriotism in my family especially to my small cousins. By doing this, I could show them that, we are all consider lucky to have our own country and thus we have to love our country as it is.
  9. In order to show our appreciation to our country, I would like to gather all my family and organize a ‘gotong-royong’ activity. To show that we loe our country, first we have to make sure that our country is clean.
  10. Finally, I would keep this beautiful memory of having our National Day on Hari Raya as a sweet memory, and thus continuing my study and hoping that one day I would contribute something big to my beloved country, MALAYSIA……
Thank you.

       Wan Retard            

Friday, 19 August 2011

Release Your Stress Out..

Hello guys.
Do you feeling stressed out?  Stress is an emotional and physical response to pressures from the outside world.

What can you do about stress?  First realize that knowing how to relieve stress is extremely important to your health and well-being, and then begin to focus on reducing the stress in your life before stress gets the best of you.

Here are the steps to relieve your stress out:-

1. Learn to say no. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and stressed because we take on everything people ask from us. Be selective and think over what is what you really want to take on.
2. Express your needs. How often does it happen that we are angry that things don't happen the way we want. And then we realise that we did not even tell what or how we want. Don't be shy, tell to others your needs and wants.
3. Relax. Find out what helps you relaxing. It could be yoga or meditation, breathing or massage for you, everyone has different methods for this.
4. Give yourself a break. How? Go away for the weekend to somewhere nice, treat yourself to watch movie, or a bath, a nice film or candlelight dinner. Decorate your home with flowers, read a good book in a park. The number of possibilities is illimited.
5. Make time for your hobbies. Sometimes focussing on one matter contributes to having a high stress level. Put aside some time for your hobbies and see how this will fill you with energy again.
6. Talk to people. Surround yourself with positive people, talk to them, or just listen to them. They might inspire you or help you out, even if just as a sounding board.
7. Give out your feelings. Find a way to express your feelings. Talk to others or write a diary or just hit your pillow.
8. Prioritize. When you are overwhelmed with lots of things on your to-do list, find out what is important and urgent and deal with those things first.
9. Keep to a regular schedule. Habits can help you reduce your stress level.
10. Have a constructive self-talk to yourself. Don't talk negatively of yourself and stop with negative beliefs like "I am not worth anything", "Even for this job I was rejected" etc.
11. Do some sports or exercise. Sports and exercises are a very good way of decompressing yourself, you can use the energy here that you would spend on dealing with your stress for other purposes. And it is also healthy!
12. Eat healthy food. Make sure your body and mind receives what it is ought to receive and that it has the right nutritive intake.
13. Ask yourself: is it really worth? Is the subject really worth upsetting yourself or stressing you? Will stress help you? Probably not, so why do it?
14. Get professional help. Talk to your lecturer, friend or therapist to help you move out from your negative mood.
15. Take note of positives. Even if you feel you have the worst day of your life, there is always something positive happening as well. Make a list of positives, even if just small and remind yourself of these rather than on negative outcomes.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Should We Update Our Blog Everyday ?

Hello beloved bloggers. 

Nowadays, many people are creating their own blog either for personal purpose or study. These blogs are following by the followers which are their recent friends or new friends. So, every blogger have their unique and creative to designing their blog to attract people to view and read their blog.

Many professional bloggers say that a everyday regular blog updates are needed in attracting readers. They say that if a blog is updated every day consistently it will brings many visitors. Perhaps this is true, but I think this only applies to people who can deliver great content. Behind it all, most of us are not able to present great content every day.

Many obstacles, such as a little time, or the inability of bloggers to provides great content every day. In this post, we will discuss about this. Personally, regular updates are very nice IF the content published is really good. However, if we are not able to, should we keep doing it? There is controversy in this case. Some say we should keep doing it because we will learn to write well. But if we do not have the talent to write perfectly, or we are out of ideas, this cannot be done.

We would like to help the bloggers to improve and be great in blogging. We recommend not imposing ourselves to update the post on our blog when we cannot afford. 

Why? Here's the reasons:

No.1 - 

Entries we will be less interesting because it's not a great work of our.
Imagine when someone visits your blog he will see many entries that are not interesting because we make it in a hurry, chances are he or she will leave is high. 

No.2 - 

Post we will be less useful to readers because we are not have any idea.
Talking about something that is useful is good, but if the topic is repeated it will be boring. Please always bear in mind, not to repeat same entry in your blog. You know the reaction when the reader are bored. 

No.3 -

We will lose the readers because they are bored with our less-quality post.
What do you do if you subscribe to the blog and saw that the blog was just posted something that is not worthy and nothing in it's contents? 

No.4 -

It's better to have 10 posts that are very useful and very nice rather than 100 posts that only contain things that are repetitive and boring.
In essence, everyone knows that quality better than quantity. J.K. Rowling just wrote a few known novels, but she quickly become famous than the writer who authored many dime novels that never ogled people. 

However, you are free to choose whatever entry you want or ideas you have. Personally, we are advising you to follow our advise above IF you are not a reliable author or someone who is full of creative ideas every day. Do not force it just because a professional do it. Remember, every person has the features and style respectively. 

Be unique and style in blogging. Thanks and happy reading guys!  

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What we can do to help ease world hunger.

This entry was written in conjunction with the fate our friends in Somalia. As all of you know, the Somalis are now in a hunger crisis.

We as Malaysians should be thankful that we live in peaceful environment with daily food as well.
Readers, what can we do to help our friends the starving in Somalia. We will share some way how you can contribute to help them there. Nowadays, Malaysians are known for generous nature and love to help those in distress. We want them to live peace and happy as our life here.

A lot of things we can do to help those who suffer from hunger. We are sure that all of you are facing problem how to help them. What we can do is aid donations, whether moneys, foods, equipments and clothing to them. The easiest and simplest way we can do is to donate of money to the authorized society or NGO’s who are involved in charity programme. We also are advising you to be aware of people who try to make profits by cheating other. We can saw at television or read at newspaper the step to donate money to ensure that our donation is safe to legal charity club such as Kelab Putera 1Malaysia or TV3.

We have to donate or contribute donation to the legal personnel due to they know where the funds would be channelled and how the money will be used. They will use the funds from the public to purchase and provide equipment to victims of food crisis such as in Somalia. Apart from that, they will provide food, medicines and daily equipment such as blankets and clothing. We also can help charity club or NGO’s preparing stuffs to send to the victims.

Besides from donating money, we can also can donate personal items to suit the needs such as clothing and daily equipments. These contributions can reduce and alleviate the suffering of famine victims.

Finally, let’s together pray to God hoping our friends in Somalia will release from this hard situation and life back to normal. We care our friends there.

Here, we attached the link of World Food Programme . 

You can visit the website and donate some money there.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Chronical Of Bachelor Rice

Bachelor Rice Tradition
What is “Bachelor Rice” ? If it is be translated directly into Bahasa Melayu, sure there are a lot of MICET student and same as well other institutes students that familiar with this types of food. This type of food has been the compulsory or the ideal meal for all the students no matter how rich they are, or how high class they are. Because this phenomenon were pass on from generation to generation…and thus this action has made a new tradition or culture to all the student.

Answering the question of What is a Bachelor Rice ? First, I will have to elaborate on the ingredients of this insane delicious meal. Bachelor Rice, or in Bahasa Melayu ( Nasi Bujang) can be categorized as a cheap, light and compact with all the vitamins, proteins, and others mineral needed by our body. This tremendous meal consists of four major or four combination of meal that were bring into contact in the plate. Rice of course, as the major ingredients, Malaysian Shrimp Paste ( sambal belacan ) and lastly that complete the meal, an omelette, and for making this food look more interesting there will be a hot bowl of soup at the side in case of the customer would like their food no too dry. As stated before, this simple dish has a large nutrients or complete meal to our body needs. A carbohydrate in the rice, and protein from the omelette. Vitamins from the vegetable in the soup and  from the slices of the cucumber. It is quite reasonable because you can have a sufficient amount of nutrient within single plate that only may cause RM 2.00 to RM 2.50.
Despite the promising look and sufficient amount of nutrient given by this dish, students prefer it because of the price. Since living in students live which spending money is compulsory on study, mobile phone, computers equipment, clothing and others, this cheap dish with the sufficient amount provided gave the opportunities to all the student to reduce their expenses on food.


                                                                                                                                                                                      Wan Retards

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Loving Journey of ln + sin + cos + tan [Part 1]

               I am sure that all of you have heard about these terms. We could find these terms in Mathematics. However, this is not the thing that I am going to discuss here because the main story that I would like to share with you is about my pet which is a cat named ln and its three little kids called sin, cos and tan. 

                You would definitely feel strange and might even wonder why they are all given such names. So, the story began when a homeless cat which was pregnant came to my house and was looking for food. At that particular time, my housemates were doing some revisions on Mathematics but they got disturbed by the cat which kept on making sounds...meow, meow, meow to indicate that it was hungry. Initially, my housemates ignored it because they wanted to focus on their revisions but later on the stronger the sounds became, they decided to open the door and took it into the house and gave it some food to eat and they continued their revisions after that. 

                After a while, the cat had finished eating its food and suddenly it came towards my housemates and was trying to be friendly and get pampered from them. Nevertheless, the cat had mistakenly pressed the buttons of one of my housemates’ calculator. My friend quickly pulled his calculator back from the cat and at that time he saw that it was stated on the screen “ln”. 

               Then, he asked the cat to not disturb him, he said, “Do not disturb me! I want to focus on my studies.” However, the cat didn’t response to him as if it didn’t understand what he was saying. Then, my friend said, “Do not disturb me ln, I want to focus on my studies.” Surprisingly, the cat immediately sat down on the floor observing my friend who was studying. Therefore, starting from that day, the cat got its name, “ln”. 

               Now, ln has got its own kids which I named them as sin, cos and tan just to relate to one of the theories in Mathematics like how their mother got her own name. ln and its children now are living happily with my housemates and I. THEY become part of my family and I am very happy to see them growing and playing among themselves.

So, that's all about my story for PART 1. I will post PART 2 later. 

Happy Reading !

                                   (A single mother. She have three little kids named sin, cos and tan)

                                                                                    (Skinny and inactive kitten)

                                                                                         (Fat and energetic)

                                                                                              (Cute and active)
                                      THEY become part of my family.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

How I overcame challenges during Ramadhan.

Assalamualaikum and have a pleasant Ramadhan everyone. It's  already the 15th day of Ramadhan where all muslims do not eat or drink anything between sunrise and sunset. Ramadhan is the nine month in islamic year where muslims are to perform certain tasks or duties. Ramadhan is a time for contemplation, a time for muslims to relish their commitment to Allah s.w.t.Hopefully we do not missed the opportunity to gain as much advantages during this month.

           As  for student like us, during Ramadhan we still have to attend classes and settle a lot of assignment and project. The most challenging period went we are running experiment in lab. Sometimes distilled water seriously looking tempting especially when in the noon.Two or three hours in lab make us feel week and encouraged us to finish it as soon as possible.However, fasting did not prevent muslims from doing their daily activities. Student also can not make it as a reason to skip their classes or delay their assignment just because we are fasting. 

          We have to mentally and physically prepared. Of course there are way to overcome this challenges. Do not skip sahur and eat well.Set in our mind to become a strong and resilient muslims.Hopefully we can overcome all the challenges during Ramadhan. May Allah guide us to the best in our studies and make fasting a tool to sharpen our memories and raise our level of understanding and performance.

So friend what are you waiting for? let's become a good muslims and student. Use all the opportunity in Ramadhan to become a better person, great muslims and also excellent students. Time are not waiting for us. We have to putting forth an extra effort into following the teaching of Islam. 

I asked Allah for strength and Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked Allah for wisdom and Allah gave me problems to solve.
I asked Allah for courage and Allah gave me obstacles to overcome.
I asked Allah for love and Allah gave me troubled people to help.
I asked Allah for favours and Allah gave me opportunities.

Happy reading and may Allah bless us!Insyaallah...